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Q: I am not in China but my products needed to be shipped to Amazon, can u guys do it?

A: Yes, definitely. We are your one-stop shipping solution. We have a worldwide network. So where ever your cargo is, we can ship it for you to any FBA address across all of North America, Europe, and Asia.

Q: How long have you been processing FBA shipments?

A: We’ve been shipping to Amazon FBA since 2010

Q: Why can’t our shipment be delivered even though our ship has arrived at the destination port?

A:All LTL or sea shipment to Amazon requires an appointment with Amazon. If we do not get appointment date, we have to wait until we get an appointment for delivery.

Q: Do we need to palletize shipments at the origination site or before you receive it?

A: No, not necessary. We can palletize your cargo based on Amazon requirements in our origin warehouse or destination warehouse.

Q: Can you provide FBA prep service to FBA in China?

A:Yes, we offer such services.we have warehouse in ShenZhen where we can provide prep service,quoation sheet can be offered as per request

Q: Where is your warehouse in China?

A: We have our own warehouse in ShenZhen,here is address: English address: NO.10,LANE13,BAI SHI XIA,FUYONG TOWN, BAOAN DISTRICT,SHENZHEN. Chinese address:廣東省深圳市寶安區福永白石廈橫巷十三巷十號首層

Q: How many days will it take if we use sea or air to ship to USA FBA?

A: If by air, the transit time is around 4-7days depends on the air service you choose. If by sea, we need around 4-6days to make export customs, packing, the transit time from port to port is 14-20days depending on the FBA address. Roughly, it is estimated 30-40 days after we get your cargo to the time we make appointment with Amazon.

Q: We have different friends who also do Amazon business, do you think we can ship cargo together?

A: Yes, you can. By doing so, each vendor can save on shipping cost.

Q: What is the trade term FOB, EXW?

A: FOB means free on board,if you are doing FOB term,supplier will need cover shipping cost caused before cargo leave China. EXW means EX WORKS,if you are doing EXW,,you need cover all shipment cost from your supplier’s place to destination address

Q: How to know the chargeable weight?

A: Firstly,the goods will be calculated by the actual weight and the volumetric weight; actual weight of one carton=actual weight of one carton,total is multiplied by the numbers of carton; volumetric weight of one carton=L*W*H/5000,get integral ,use centimeter to calculate(like 19.1KGS,get 19.5KGS;20.8KGS,get 21KGS) Total is multiplied by the numbers of carton; Secondly,per above calculation,we can know the actual weight and the volumetric weight which is bigger, the bigger one will be the chargeable weight; Thirdly,all goods arrive in 218 Shipping warehouse,we will re-measure them to get the final chargeable weight,then we will issue INVOICE to you.

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